Thursday, 5 November 2009

Leaves and Fairies

Just been out in the glorious sunshine this morning. Down the little woodland walk which is my favourite at this time of year beacause of these:

Leaves! Big proper golden and yellow crispy autumn leaves just ready for kicking up as you walk through. They make such a wonderful noise don't they?

It is this little length of the walk that has the best of the leaves. I am almost tempted to take the wheel barrow round to collect them up and have them in my own garden! But that wouldn't be right really would it!
I'm not the only one that likes to run in the leaves.

This is part of the woodland path which I have pictured before when the cow parsley is so high you can't see George at all. Amazing how it is all still there, just waiting for the spring to shoot up again.

When I got home there was a parcel waiting for me (we still seem to be getting all our post in plenty of time at present). I could not think of what I have ordered that would be this size, hmmm mystery. It is a lovely gift from Sue over at Lavender's Blue 2.

And now my little Friendship Fairy is looking over my cotton reels at my desk. Thank you Sue, what a lovely surprise.

I'm off back to that desk now to continue with the big sew whilst making a mental note to start the Christmas sewing much earlier next year! I have only just worked out exactly how long it takes me to make things which will be a great help with future time planning. See I did remember some things from my read of the Time Management for Dummies book! Look out for streamlined super organised and time manged Sarah next year!!!!!!

Take care all

Sarah xx


  1. Gorgeous action pic of George charging through the leaves. I wish we had more leaves, our doggie walks are around the edge of the fields at the moment as the road is too yucky with mud and Sophie does like to run ahead and then flop in it!!

    Glad you like your little fairy.

    Sue xx

  2. What a lot of lovely crunchy leaves! It has been raining here on and off the last couple of days, but up until then Rianna and I had had great fun jumping and crunching in the leaves to and from school! They aren't quite the same once they are soggy and slippy!

    Rose X


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