Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ironing boards, hmmm table tennis anyone?

Being totally random in my blog posts at present, jumping backwards and forwards in time to things I am going to do and things I have already done, but you'll have to bear with me, my brain is practically mush right now!!

I'm getting ready for this weekend where I shall be at Wimpole Hall and Becket Chapel at Peterborough Cathedral, on the same day!! Well stictly speaking Hubby will be at one and I shall be at the other but all as Land Cuckoo.

So this is how my workroom looks at the moment! Not a good picture due to trying to squeeze past 3 rolls of wadding and the ironing board is such an eyesore! Well actually I have already started moving stuff out of it so it looks a little better but I had so much stock that I couldn't get to the unmade bits and pieces in order to make them into more stuff!!
I am now taking over downstairs with sorting out which items are going to which event on Saturday and then I can merge them altogether for Sunday and hopefully return home with a lot less boxes that will be going!
Apologies for the afore mentioned offending ironing board appearing in the photo. I do have quite an irrational dislike of ironing boards and believe them to be put on this earth only to dish out injury to those who have never mastered the art of putting them up and down. Unfortunately my little table top one I bought, the first and only ironing board I have ever bought (the one above belongs to Hubby and I only have it because I married him and it came with him so he can continue to do the ironing!) has a wonky leg so wont be any use and will have to go back to the big yellow and blue superstore famous for it's storage and meatballs.

Put the dining table to good use at the weekend - I found a pair of table tennis bats and balls which at £1.65 I could not resist so minus a net and boundry lines we had a few games of ping pong! George as you can see was most interested, even leaving the warmth of the fire and his rug to come and join in. He made a very good ball boy but the ball was slightly soggy and furry by the time you got it back!

Do go and have a look at Pink Milk's website to see photos of the launch party we went to for the Made By Artisans fair which is the one at Peterborough Cathedral. The cake in the picture was delicious, I'm rather hoping that there may be more of that on Saturday!!

Take care all, til tomorrow if I get all my jobs done!



  1. I wondered how you were going to be in two places at once!!

    How is Hubby as a salesman, mine would have a go but unless everything is priced his pricing goes haywire......!

    Hope they both go well.

    Sue xx


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