Monday, 2 November 2009

Time to get up!

Just found this article in our local Villager magazine and had to share it with you.

It is all about alarm clocks and the options for helping you do the hardest thing of the day at this time of year! You see I, like many, have absolutely no problem in getting up during the light sunny summer days as soon as the sun rises, but just as soon as the mornings are dull and lacking in that beautiful sunshine I just find it such a chore. It is now up to the chickens to drag me from my cosy duvet as I feel totally obliged to let them have as much daylight as possible.

So the options we have been given are:

Clocky - An alarm clock that will have you chase after it to turn it off! If you are not quick enough to get to the alarm to silence it when it goes off, it will just take its self off on a little jolly around your bedroom whilst making noise.
I can tell you now that this will NOT be going on my Christmas list, ever. That would set me up for the day completely wrong!

This Wake Up Light however, I do like the look of. A gentle sunrise, from an energy saving bulb of course, which should have the same effect as the natural sunrise in the summertime. With the advantage being that if I make my sun rise before the chickens are up with the real sunrise then I may be able to get dressed before scaring the neighbours by going out to the hen house in my PJs!

This would be a complete indulgence but it is brilliant! The Voco alarm clock will wake you up with gentle birdsong and the voice of none other than Mr Stephen Fry! He will not only inform you that your estate needs attending to, he will even manage a few witty comments to set you off on your day on totally the right foot. I love it!!!!
And then there is this - da-da-daaaaaaa a Teasmaid! Well it is the updated version called Tea Express but you all know what I mean! Brilliant, a cuppa in bed without having to run to the kitchen. I was only thinking that I could do with one of these a few weeks ago and as if by magic......
The only thing is I think I would like a combination of these to make the absolute perfect wake up. Firstly I would have to set the sunrise as I just don't think you can beat 'natural' light in the mornings and a cup of tea in bed would be so special even every day and just to ensure that there is a smile on my face when my feet hit the carpet to start the day I would like a few words from Mr Fry himself. That to me would be the perfect combination. Forget Clocky, as cute as it may look it would be finding it's way out the door rather quickly methinks!
What would you choose?
Take care all
Sarah x

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  1. Clocky would be thrown from the bedroom window as soon as I caught him I think.

    The sunrise is a brilliant idea as I like to wake up naturally as it goes light.

    Stephen Fry, first thing in the morning....I think not, he would be much too clever and I need silence and a good mug of coffee!!

    I wish chickens liked a lie in, luckily my pigs do!

    Sue xx


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