Friday, 27 November 2009

Stunning Beauty

Just been sorting out pictures into folders and generally organising our vast collection of photographs and I found these two pictures of a peacock.

These were taken by one of Hubby's colleagues. Aren't they absolutely stunning?
What a beautiful creature, just looks like it has walked off a page of a fairy tale.
Back to the real world and no fairy tales here, just a lot more sewing!

Increased the collection of hot pot mats ready for the weekend, the chook fabrics are a bit of a runnaway success, so much so that as soon as I have a spare day (sometime in January I think) I shall be off on a fabric hunt!
Must get back to it now, take care all
Sarah x


  1. I love you hot pot mats, what do you put inside to stop them heatmarking the table. I use insubright????spelling but it is quite expensive. I used it last year for table mats, but when I make runners I use ordinary wadding.

    I love reading about what you have been doing.

    We do craft fairs but find that the response is very muted......quilts are difficult to sell because people do not want to pay for the work that goes into them. Especially if they are hand quilted, so we usually just take a couple of quilts and hang them up at the back of our stand.

    Keep up the good work.


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