Monday, 23 November 2009

Artisans in beautiful places!

Morning everyone!

Well , nearly!

I'm just putting the house back to rights after the hectic weekend of fairs and events. Plenty to tell you all about, just need to try and remember it all!

I'll start with Saturday in Peterborough at the Made By Artisans fair.
What a great setting for the day.

The magnificent cathedral.

As the saying goes 'a bird in the hand.....'

This was our 'home' for the day, the lovely Becket Chapel. With it's superbly hot underfloor heating! I had my shoes off for most of the day and using the bathroom reminded me of being on a plane as it was next to the boiler room which fairly roared to keep that heating going!

Peterborough being a city of one way systems and pedestrianised areas meant that I had a little walk back from the car park once I had unloaded. But how lovely the walk was through the grounds of the cathedral.

Very difficult to get lost as the spires and towers of this magnificent building are clear to see for a long way.

Through arches and doorways back to the chapel.

Today, through the stained glass window...... the cathedral!

Inside the chapel the stalls were set up and the customers came in steadily throughout the day, thanks to the hard work of Tia at Made By Artisans
It really was a lovely lovely setting to spend the day inside.
And there are some who can just carry off a throne so well!

And this is the beautiful work in front of the royal seat and under the wonderful window - made by the very talented Steph at Hook and Scumble
Quite brilliant crocheted jewellery.
I spent the day next to these fabulous bird houses, with their own satellite dishes, stairs and even bird boxes, made by Ecowood Des Res Bird Houses, each one is as individual as it's anticipated occupants!
These lovely tea towels and napkins are designed and screen printed by Berrin Bates of Yellow Lake Design.
All the tiny details in the bauballs and stockings are hand-drawn chirstmassy pictures too.

The first outing for my new old suitcase! The mug mats looked really great inside and now the case smells lovely and festive too! Steph's pictures are much better than mine and she got some more of the other artisans work, see her photos at her blog.

Think that is probably enough photos for today, if you got this far then well done!

Take care all and stay safe

Sarah x


  1. looks fantastic hun!
    Wish I had visited!!
    Annie x

  2. What a lovely setting for a Fair!
    Hope you enjoyed yourself! ;-)

  3. Wow...what a fantastic setting for a craft fair, it's lovely!

    I hope it was as productive as it was beautiful.

    Sue xx

  4. Great photos, I have a artist friend who'll be at Wrest Park too..I'll get her to pop by and say hello :)

  5. Love your Blog. Steph pointed me in your direction as we are good friends and I am also
    exhibiting at Wrest Park on Saturday and Sunday so I shall look out for you. I make mosaics.

  6. I really enjoyed stall-sitting for you, got a chance to sniff the cinnaman sticks and pretend for 10 minutes that I made all those lovely things! Thanks for taking part in our first show. Tia.


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