Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cuckoo family morning.

Just snapped this picture of nearly all of the Land Cuckoo Clan, one and a half chooks are hiding just out of shot! Missy came trotting down the garden as soon as she saw me, ready for her morning nap after checking the territory. Chooks ready for corn as they are at any time and George patiently waiting to go and play ball with Hubby who is snoozing before night shift!

As for me, I'm photographing treasure boxes as it is a lovely bright day and making the most of the morning sunshine.
Off to replace the catnip cushion stock now!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Just read your previous post, what a clever puss to infiltrate your box and get to lie amongst the catnip. I know mine would chew through plasctic for such a treat, even our Jack Russell loves catnip (she gets seriously hyper though.

    I'm loving your wine case treasure boxes, do you by any chance have any lavender sprigged fabric that you could use to top one. If so, consider it an order and send me a bill!! (Or I can go through your website and do it all official.) Whichever is best.

    Well done on winning best stall, it looked lovely from the photos.

    Sue xx

  2. George looks very alert & ready to play at a moment's notice!



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