Saturday, 18 April 2009

Exploding Mug Cakes

Last night I went along to a Pudding Party. As the name suggests you take along a pudding, as does everyone else, and then you shop inbetween eating puds! Woohoo, perfect combination! So I had the brainwave after reading Karon's blog at Dream Acres to make my Radio Cake and take that along as my pudding.

First find a suitable mug or two - one for a cuppa the other for the cake.

Gather ingredients together (see Karon's blog for list)

Put them all together, as per the instructions, in your mug. Having first swapped the drinking chocolate you got out by mistake for cocoa powder like it says!

After the alloted 3 minutes in the microwave you will have an explosion of chocolate cake which could earn itself a place in the Tate Gallery! It does, however taste very good, and ready in 3 minutes - brilliant!

I think next time I shall make 2 cakes from this recipe then there may not be as big a clear up job! It certainly was a distinctive pudding when placed with all the other delicious offerings! I took the whole lot, microwave plate included as I thought it should been seen in its entirety!

Just got back from todays event at Tilehouse Street Church in Hitchin, a garden sale to raise funds for their building project. It was a fabulous day with plenty of people visiting to get their plants and gifts. We were treated to a good lunch of lasagne and trifle and even managed to find room for a cream tea this afternoon!

My stall was very well sited under the springtime pictures the children had made of sheep and flowers - it matched my bunting perfectly!

Gilly from Garden Divas was next to me with all her fabulous gardening goodies. If you haven't yet seen Garden Divas then pay a visit to their website where you can find all the glorious girly gardening gifts and treats you could want!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to drink this cuppa and have a wee rest!

Take care all

Sarah x

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  1. Highly tempted by that cake myself!! Your stall looks lovely, sounds like you had a brilliant couple of days.

    Sue xx


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