Friday, 10 April 2009

TV Debut

So the cow field is back to having cows in it after its brief encounter with sheep. I must say I prefer the sheep, not that I have anything against cows and would be more that happy to own some one day but I do not really trust someone elses cows! They can actually move rather fast and don't seem to like folk being in their field so I shall be leaving them to it for now!

In a few weeks time we shall be walking in golden fields as the un-identified crops that have been quietly growing over the winter have shown themselves to be rapeseed. It will be so uplifting to be walking through these when they are in full bloom.

This paddock is a little further ahead than the others, already showing its yellow blooms.

Talking of blossom, I passed some beautiful flowers in the hedgerow, had to take a number of pictures.
Some of the trees appear to have mostly leaf buds with one or two branches only bursting into bloom, whether it is just the most recent growth that blossoms I don't know, but they are beautiful.

So TV debut! Oh my how funny! OK so I probably shouldn't really laugh but it is just so unexpected to see and hear yourself pop up in a televised report! Last weekend when I was at the Festival of Food I saw the camera man and presenter from Local-News TV and desparately tried to remain busy hoping that they would film my stand and get Land Cuckoo out there whilst not capturing me! No such luck, eventually the customers moved away and they asked me if I would like to do an interview - help - what do I say? Yes please, great advertising, how exciting! But that means I have to be filmed - eeeek, I prefer not to get on the wrong side of a still camera! Anyway the bit of me that seems to operate the business side of things just said 'yes, that would be lovely'. So here it is - my first televised interview! I, or at least someone that doesn't sound like me but seemingly in my body, pops up half way through, a little bit loud and very scary, I was so nervous! I have no problem talking to any amount of customers but stick a camera infront of me and I seem to lose the plot, thank goodness they edited it well! Considering how many traders there were there with some fab products (The Wine Guest being one of them) I am really very flattered that they chose me and my products to put on the report.

Off to see if I can get the biscuits on the website now - mail order biscuits anyone?

Take care all

Sarah x

Yes I am going to crack on with the spring cleaning - in a minute!!!!


  1. Helooo! just watched your TV debut! (couldn't reach it with link so just googled for it....)very good!
    Hope all is well!ttfn, Lynne X

  2. how did the spring cleaning go?
    Boys thought the tv debut was great too. but of course, lachlan wants to know where George was!!


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