Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Yes at last I am back on line and cooking on gas - well I never did run out of gas but you know what I mean!

And the best bit? If I had spoken to the same person as I eventually did at 4pm this afternoon, three weeks ago when the problem first occured (actually I think it may have only been 2 weeks) then this whole fiasco would not have happened at all! All it needed was some code entering to kick start it back into action. I wouldn't be as miffed if it hadn't happened exactly the same last year which is what I kept telling everyone at the no-help call centre but until last thing this afternoon no-one seemed to be hearing me! This time I have written all the instructions down too so I will fix it myself next time!

So, have I done anything whilst not being here? I did take a stand at the Festival of Food last weekend, booked it only 3 days before the event which meant I had a marathon of baking to do last week! Did it though and it was a success. I had quite a bit of interest in my biccies and have a few farm shops and coffee shops to catch up with on the back of it. I also decided to get myself out there and show off my biscuits to local outlets this week too. I figure that no-one will know I am here unless I go and tell them, so I did! Hope to know how things are going better over the next few weeks.

Well I am quite sure I have more to say but I am eager to catch up with what you have all been doing so I'll leave you now and catch you tomorrow!

Take care
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    Nice to see you back and good to hear you have put your time to good use
    Hopefully with all your cooking and chat some good contacts will have been made
    Take care

  2. Yay! Welcome back! Love hearing what you've been up to and seeing the house progress. By the way I'll be heading through Mandurah this weekend and can pick you up a lamb chop or two if it's around! Happy Easter!


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