Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Time for a cuppa

Right, so I am not feeling at my best today, hence I can be forgiven for being rather tetchy and owning the shortest fuse in the neighbourhood. But there is one thing that really really gets on my wick (was going to say 'gets on my goat' but decided that wouldn't be fair to saddle an innocent goat with any of my troubles) anyway what gets on my wick is this - supermarket checkout operative sending my shopping down the conveyor belt so blooming quick that I will never keep up with the packing in a million years! And then as if that wasn't going to be deemed rude in my book, then they ask if you have a loyalty card, whilst I am clearly still busy getting the super fast shopping into my eco friendly shopping bags as if that is going to make me go any faster. I think not. In fact I will refuse to stop packing and get my card out on principal. Yes I do have a loyalty card and I shall infact present it to you when i am ready to pay which will be when all my shoppping is in its bags and ready for me to be leaving. You see I do know that the process of paying for shopping really doesn't take all that long so even if I did give you my money and that blooming loyalty card whilst my shopping was still strewn all over the end of your conveyor belt I would not be leaving any quicker and the next shopper would just have to watch me remove said shopping after I had paid anyway - so why bloody well ask????!!!!!!!

No I don't think I am being irrational or over sensitive.

Just like I think it was a perfectly good reason to go and get a new kettle once I had decided that a contributing factor in my declining health today was the state of the old kettle from which I was getting my staple diet of tea from. So with that in mind I had to set off from my poorlyness and go and find new kettle.
Did this! Found one which has a suitably large gap for filling up with water - that'll be a lid which so many of the kettle manufacturers clearly think is just a design statement and not a vital part of a kettles operation to be able to be filled with water! and this one has a decent pouring spout, also a good feature in my book! I do not need colours or whistles (although I have always fancied a nice proper kettle on a stove top that whistles) anyway I did not have the time or the inclination to find one of these, plus I had missed out on a few cups of tea whilst I had to abandon poorliness and feeling sorry for myself to go and get this new kettle.
So you can now feel sorry for poor hubby who has to put up with me for the rest of the evening and just hope that I get out of bed from the other side tomorrow!
Take care all
Sarah x who is now feeling a little better having got that out of my system, thank you all x


  1. Haha.....a little rant works wonders!!

    Yes, I agree entirely with your conveyor belt at Tesco story, I also got SO aggitated there last week with shoppers standing in little groups, ALWAYS in front of the items I needed, having their little chats with long lost friends and relatives...GO TO THE CAFE, HAVE YOUR CHAT THERE!!

    Oooh...that feels better...Lol.

    Sue xx

  2. oh I think I have the same till person in our tescos! drives me mad too :)

  3. That's why I like living over here in the land of Oz sal..not the sunshine, or the wonderful nature , or the fact my hubby is an Aussie, but that they pack your bags for you at the checkout!!!

  4. I think one of my worst places to be is at the checkout in the supermarket. My bigges complaint is when you get an operater who thinks they are at the local bowling alley. They not only send down the item at super speed, they take aim when it is a heavier item such as a can of baked beans and make sure they reach their target - you guessed it - my fingers.



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