Saturday, 11 April 2009

Drifting day

Ooops, spring cleaning has suffered a setback - just sat and watched the film Antz! Should be finishing the big clean, but lets face it - the dirt isn't going anywhere is it?

To be fair, all I have left to do is hoover the stairs and keep the door shut on my workroom! Everything else in every other room of the house has been duely dusted, wiped, cleaned, disinfected, washed and scrubbed, not necessarily in that order!

Now the other problem I have is that now I have watched Antz, how am I going to deal with the little critters if they decide to pay a visit in the warmer weather? Couldn't possibly just exterminate them with no thought now! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, did just managed to catch the fact that Finding Nemo is coming on later too! Maybe today will be my day off after all!

Well if I am to skive off again shortly, I had better put some effort in now. Does anyone else get days where your head just wont focus on any one thing in particular? I am just not feeling 'driven' today, like I forgot to set myself a few goals before going to bed last night so therefore I am just drifting through the day. So I am going to drift off here then, take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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