Friday, 17 April 2009

Buddy's Friday

Margaret from Margaret's Ramblings has added her Buddy's Friday article for this week and I thought I would add my thoughts too. I have followed Margaret's theme of childrens parties but let your imagination run riot and you can host any sort of party! These are games that require a little preparation but not much cost!

Party Games - I love games especially those that result in you rolling around with laughter so here's a few that we have tried and tested.

I discovered this website Party Game Central last year when I was organising a hen party for a few of us girlies. You will find that some of the games are totally unsuitable for your friends but others are an absolute riot! There will be something for you here!

We have played the Malteaser game on a number of occasions, always hilarious (other choccies are available but choose a light one!) The idea being that you have to transfer as many Malteasers from the box into your bowl using only a straw and a deep breath in! Thing is you can only do this once you have rolled a 6 on the dice, until the next person gets a 6 and whilst you are trying to relocate the choccies everyone else is rolling the dice and is liable to snatch the box of choccies away at any time! Beware - there are some folk who are very good at this, others of us can only dissolve into laughter and get no choccies! Alternative is to use a spoon - just as funny!

Pass the pillowcase is another one, not just for kids, oh no. There is a house not far from us where this is played every year at Christmas with the results documented in the yearly family photograph! (you know who you are) Get a pillowcase, fill it with random items of clothing (include snorkels and wigs, hats, gloves and anything else that is dated or outragous) then proceed as you would with pass the parcel. When the music stops that person has to reach into the pillowcase, without looking, pick out an item and wear it in an alternative fashion! The result is a colourful, yet easily dis-ownable family of odd bods!

Find the photos - I chose to do this with printed out photos of the bride to be which had been gleaned from her mum, the older, funnier and more embarassing the better! You could use any pictures you like. Simply cut up each picture into 3 or 4 pieces. Don't make it too complicated but also you don't want it to be too easy! You can use the same picture twice and cut it up differently, especially good if you have a bold colour on one. Take one piece from each cut up picture and keep safe. The other pieces then get mixed up and stuck up around the house on doors, windows, bookcases etc. Do this before the guests arrive and they will see random bits of picture around the house which may or may not help them! To start the game give each guest a piece of picture that you had put to one side. On your sayso they all have to go and find the rest of their picture. When they have found their picture they return to you with completed picture and if it is correct they can have another piece of a new picture to go and find. Keep going til all pictures have been found and the winner is the one with the most completed pictures.

This will involve people running about your house so set the boundries of where the picture pieces will be before you set them off or they will check everywhere!
Better go and get on with some proper work now instead of reminiscing about parties!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    Thanks for the 'picture game' info - sounds like one I will have to try at Christmas time.

    I like the idea of using several prints of the same photo but cut up differently - doesn't follow the guests will actually find the correct pieces they need. Go back and try again lol
    Take care

  2. what neat ideas....I hope you get to eat the Malteasers after the game!!!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Thanks so much for the reply about the fabric, its gorgeous, I will have a little look on the website you suggested xxGem

  4. All sounds like brilliant fun, I love the pillowcase game idea, and the picture is priceless, definitely one for the family album. We'll be doing that next Christmas for sure!!

    Sue xx


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