Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What's occurring?

So what's been happening then?

Oh yes, that's right, I am supposed to tell you that!  It has been a while, but now with the internet apparently properly installed and not going anywhere I can at last communicate with you all again.  Whether that is a good thing or not is not my decision to make but I am here and that's that!

Going to be a short post here today as I am off to cook dinner - some things never change, it's all about the food!  Meanwhile I shall be perusing the new look blogger and figuring out what to do and where to do it to make it all work for me.

Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. Hello Sarah
    Nice to have you back. Change of things here also.
    Cathys Capers is now Still Waters and at a new address as well. Do drop in when you have time I'd love to see you
    This link take you there - Still Waters
    Take care

  2. Welcome back, I've missed you.

    Sue xx


Thank you for your comments, I do read them all and sometimes I even reply, now that I have figured out how to! Thanks again, take care x