Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Its a Beautiful Day

Went out over the fields with George this morning in the opposite direction to normal.  Sometimes it is nice to get a different view on things isn't it!

Took this picture, not brilliant as it is looking towards the sun, but our village is in amongst all those trees.  Although our house is near the top of a hill, there are so many trees and the village actually lies in quite a dip that you can't see any of the buildings, only just the top of the church tower, and this is the case from most angles, our village becomes almost invisible from the surrounding countryside!

At present there is an abundance of roses in the hedgerows, their scent is delightful.

We are also experiencing 'snow'

Collections of fluffy seeds are gathering along the footpaths and in the garden.  I don't know what they are from but if you are busy talking and not paying attention, you can end up with a mouthfull!

Although it is hard to see, you may just be able to make out the specks of white in the sky, there are more than that when you are out in it!

Spotted this brightly coloured butterfly, I have not seen one like this before, from a quick research it looks like a Cinnabar Moth, so not a butterfly at all!

This I do recognise, however, the greater spotted George Doggins taking his morning excercise!

The fields look glorious bathed in sunshine with the blue-est of skys.
I'm off to do some sewng and wotnot, have a good day folks, take care, til next time
Sarah x


  1. I'm always startled to realize that some of the most beautiful or colorful "butterfly s" are in fact moths.

  2. Oh a lovely walk is a great way to start any day! My dog, Freida loves her walks up the country lanes.


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