Friday, 18 June 2010

Til Tomorrow?

Hmmm, that is what I said at the end of the last post, clearly in Sarah Speak that means 'until the next time I get 15 minutes to sit at the computer and write'  Well here is that 15 minutes and here is the writing.

Since I have totally missed the month of May on my blog I should have lots to tell you, but isn't it strange when you try to remember what you have been doing, you don't seem to have enough memories for the time they should be filling? 

I mean, if and when I write here everyday as I'd like to, I can read back and realise just how full life is.  Part of my thinking behind writing a blog was to document times and events so I don't forget what I have been doing, what I have achieved and how much fun I have had in doing so.  When I am in the habbit of writing daily I notice so much more, take note of what is going on around me, find much more amusement in a lot of things that I would probably just discount if I was not on the lookout for a little snippet to share with you.

It is becoming clear, just thinking out load as I write this, that blogging or maybe just writing a diary is a very beneficial thing to do.  Take time to smell the roses, is the phrase isn't it?  Well that is what I shall aim to get back to doing.  In the meantime, here are some roses for smelling:

Hope you all have a good day today and you get the time to smell some real roses too.  I'm off to Welwyn Garden City craft and farmers market tomorrow, George Doggins will be coming again to keep me company.

And just as a little footnote - what has happened to blogger?  Whilst I am sure there are improvements that I have not yet discovered, what I have just found out is that it seems a lot harder than before to put my photos where I want them!  Sure it will become easier the more I use it!
So there we have it, not much of a catch up I know but it is a pretty long post and there are pictures!  So back on the blogging waggon I get, it is good to be back and I am now off to start catching up with all of you from the last month, may have to go and put the kettle on............
Take care all, til next time (ha - that's the way to cover that one!!)
Sarah xx

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