Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Handmade at Home

I was so thankful for the glorious weather this weekend as we had a Handmade at Home event here.  I organised one last year just before Christmas and the vicar suggested that I might like to hold one again this year when the church flower festival was on.  So out went the invites to clever, crafty friends to bring their products for sale and we set about filling the house with lovely lovliness for folk to come and see.

The dining room was unrecognisable once all the tables were put up and stocked up.

Furniture was moved around and covered in more products, thankfully we didn't need the fire on this time!

In the front room there was a lovely display from The Horse Diva with great gifts for those people that just love horses - gloves and socks, notepads and organisers.

Also great gifts from Garden Divas colourful and bright and very very useful

Back in the handmade part of the house we had some lovely handmade products for sale, cute little quilted bags and tissue pockets

Some great Liberty fabrics and pretty jars of buttons (lovely lovely buttons!) from Maggie at Sunflower Fabrics

How delightful are these little cuties!  Made by Sonja (Sew Sonja)  they all have thier own little handmade outfits.

Delicious summer cupcakes with great flavours like Eaton Mess and Chocolate Fudge from Helen at Tea and Cupcakes

Quilts and cushions made by the rather talented Ruth of Ruth Designs, there were more goodies on the chair but I didn't manage to get the camera out in time before they sold!

Some delicately fragranced handtied Hitchin Lavender (now open to the public for the summer) bunches and a little chalk board from me at Land Cuckoo

Beautiful glass coasters, angels and jewellery made by Linda Boy.  The best way to see these are in person, the pictures just don't capture the colours as well as they look in real life!

I thought I should take on some staff for the weekend, so I decided to employ an inhouse demonstrator.

In actual fact, Missy took it upon herself to demonstrate the catnip cushions and the catbed, funnily enough I didn't have to pay her, she took her exceedingly comfy catnap as payment enough!

And once everyone had gone it was time to put our feet up and have a well deserved rest.
I'll onto the pictures of the flower festival from the church for tomorrow.  Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather. looks like it is going to stay right up to and including this weekend's market in Welwyn Garden, not holding onto the gazebo in the wind this week!
Take care, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. Thanks so much for hosting the event, the photos are lovely :)

    Ruth x

  2. What a magnificent houseful of goodies and I love your pussycat model. Hope a good day was had by all.

    Sue xx

  3. This looks fabulous - such lovely goodies


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