Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Website catchup

Think I'm all photographed out today. Have been making the most of the light to get some pictures on my website.
My new lavender / linen water bottles which I am very happy with, think they look rather cute with their little gingham ribbons on, and the contents smell lovely too!
Think the bunting has been the most challenging to photograph.
Trying to get as much as possible in shot whilst not losing the colours and fabric designs, hmmmmm not easy, well not for me anyway!
Button clocks! Seemed like an obvious thing to make to me.
One of my new smaller chalk boards, this one has a reproduction vintage advertisement on it.
And speaking of apples............'s hoping that this year's crop will not get eaten before it has ripened!
There is a lot more blossom on the eating apples tree compared to last year, so I am hoping that as it will be the second year for the tree it will be a bumper crop. Will be making a netted cover for both trees mind you!

These painted hearts are new to the website too.

As are my new coloured bottles for the room fragrances. I have spent ages trying to make the labels stand out with the different fragrances, which is not easy when my printer is one of those thermal ones which only prints in black! Problem solved via a brainwave one day - use different coloured bottles - 'seemples' as the meercats say!

Well I guess I had better go and find some dinner now, just spotted the time!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. oooh! it all looks lovely m'dear!
    L X

  2. Lovely picturues and some really good ideas.

    I sell Lavender Water in the little spray bottles so people can spritz their ironing (or hotel room pillows) it's a good seller!

    Sue xx

  3. lavender water......I should learn how to make that as spritzing it on the linens does sound so good!

    Gill in Canada

  4. Oh my! The coloured bottles are inspired!

    Lovely photos m'dear :)


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