Thursday, 24 June 2010

Summer colours

Just finished running up some lavender hearts and cushions in preparation for the Handmade at Home this weekend.
The colours of the fabric just match perfectly with the blue that I used a few weeks ago when I was painting these hangers.

I didn't even have the fabric when I was playing around with the paint for these but I think they work well together.
Also got onto using the fabric you can see at the back of the picture which I have been just appreciating having for some time but thought it was right to use it to make up some cushions.  They are only simple envelope opening ones but I just love the fabrics, I hope someone else thinks the same!

Great summer colours altogether, coupled with the glorious scent of the roses outside my window and the sunshine still streaming through the door, it is most definately a summers evening!

Hope you are all ok, til tomorrow
Take care, Sarah x


  1. Very pretty fabric, Sarah!
    Hope you sell the blue hangers too!
    Have a great weekend ;-)

  2. those are so pretty Sarah. Hope you sell a lot of your items as well.

    Gill in Canada

  3. Those are beautiful! That's such a neat idea...having an event for handmade items at your home...


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