Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Getting Ready

Aside from the distraction that will be occuring this afternoon at about 2.30pm I shall be spending the day getting ready for the Handmade at Home day I am hosting here this weekend

Planning on making some lovely (hopefully) bits with this fabulous fabric collection

You can find them for sale at Sunflower Fabrics, my favourite fabric shopping place!

Maggie from Sunflower Fabrics has been busy setting up her own blog A Patchwork Life.  Catch up on all the goings on in her garden, workshop, shop and the beautiful quilts that Maggie creates, along with the delightful pictures of some seriously gorgeous fabrics!

I must get back to work which no doubt will be interspersed with chasing chooks off the flowerbed - maybe more about that another day!
Take care all
Sarah xx

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  1. that is a gorgeous series of fabrics. I am going to check out the website.

    Gill in Canada


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