Thursday, 1 July 2010

Flower Festival

Not much writing today, mostly pictures!  These are from the flower festival held in our village church last weekend.

The welcoming porch in dappled sunlight.

With it's basket of flowers.

Just inside you can see how wonky the walls are!

The church has just finished being refurbished, the pews have been removed (two of which reside in our garden now) and the floor restored.  At the same time heating, toilet and kitchen were renovated too and now it is very bright, light and welcoming with it's new comfy chairs that can be moved to accommodate many more village activities and groups.

This is the History Society's arrangement, not the best photo as the sun was bright through the window.

There are even wild animals at the watering hole!

The flowers for the pre school arrangement have all been made by the children, great colours.

And finally this trio of jugs of the most striking blue filled with delightful cottage garden flowers were just lovely.

The whole church smelt wonderful with the scent from all the flowers, I have not managed to get photographs of all of the arrangements as I was distracted by Olive's shortbread - anyone who lives in our village will know that Olive's shortbread is heavenly so church is the right place to eat it!

I think that might just be the weekend caught up on now, not bad seems as it's Thursday already!
Got to get things ready for market on Saturday
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. What a beautiful church and beautiful flowers.
    Ann x

  2. What a beautiful church, and gorgeous flower displays. You paint a wonderful picture (especially of the shortbread...yum!!)

    Sue xx

  3. What a beautiful church! Its nice to know that its still active enough to do things like have flower festivals and afford renovations.


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