Friday, 9 October 2009

Fields and berries

Just having a warming cuppa after returning from walking with George. Could have done with a hat as well as gloves today!
Its not just the Virginia Creeper in the back garden thats changing, the hedgerows look amazing too.
This particular stretch of the path is always multicoloured with plenty of different blossoms in the springtime too.
At first glance the fields seem quite bare but this one has some good leafy crops starting to come through, the others have been tilled and raked, not sure about the real terminology but the tractors have been trailing up and down for a long time, and now have the first signs of grasslike shoots appearing.
Here is my tree of treasure! Sloes which are ready in my kitchen to be added to the gin!
Now I am currently going through a pink and green phase
Being drawn to fabrics and ribbons in these colours
and here was this bush with the most beautiful coloured berries, I have not changed the picture at all, it really is this pink!
Just as we were nearing home, next to the cow field we found these. I can only assume that they are spiders webs but they look just like cotton wool.

They may be part of the Fairyland that Karon from Dream Country Chat found the other day!
Now I've finished tea, off to work....
Take care, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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