Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Things I've learnt

1. Betty the chicken looks like a part oven ready chook.

2. Betty the chicken is miserable when she is moulting.

3. I have some very patient and lovely friends - thank you Sonj and Roobie for a great afternoon and all the tuition, and soup, and chocolate!!!!

4. The aforementioned chicken likes a bit of warm porridge of a morning!

5. Stand well back when chickens are eating porridge as they shake their heads a lot to get it off their beaks and you can end up wearing rather a lot of it, as can the other chooks nearby!

6. Chickens can lick a bowl of porridge completely clean in seconds!

7. Chickens may or may not have tongues in order to lick the bowl clean, well I think they do have tongues but dont think they use them to lick anything. OK so I Googled it and got some conflicting answers and am really none the wiser other than that from watching my own girls!

So what did you learn today folks?
Take care all
Sarah xx


  1. I learnt my cousin is most deffinately bonkers!But I love her ! Lynne X

  2. Hello Sarah
    I've learn't that I am now going to google 'chicken tongues' and spend a while learning what they do with them lol
    Take care

  3. what I learned today.......well chicken's may have tongues, I will also be googling that!!!

    You should check out a book called "Made From Scratch," by Jenna Woginrich, as it has a section on chickens in it.

    Gill in Canada


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