Thursday, 8 October 2009

Charity shop shopping

I found treasure!
This fabulous old suitcase was spotted by my friend in the local charity shop and as I had been admiring her old suitcase she let me know this one was for sale. I managed to get it by the skin of my teeth, one minute later and it would have been bought by someone else! Apparently it had been in the shop for weeks with no interest so they started to use it to hold other stock in and then all of a sudden there is me and another customer both after it at the same time. I am so pleased that I asked about it when I did, I so nearly stopped to look at the books first! How frustrating would that have been?
So what other treasure is in my Del Boy suitcase then?
I picked up an edition of Trivial Pursuits, this one is the junior version as Hubby and I end up playing an epic game of the adult version because we don't know much, this way I thought we would be able to finish the game the same day as we start it!
Plus another game like Balderdash but with pictures, where you have to guess the real identity of the picture and figure out the bluffs.
More wooden brain teaser puzzles. The one with the coloured dots has to be matched so that you only have same coloured spots touching.
And some pretty table cloths which I found on Sunday at the Mill. One corner has blue and purple flowers
and the other has yellow and orange ones. I liked the colours, no idea where it is going to go yet, but now that I have it I am sure the right place will present itself!
And just to finish off the 'staying in infront of the fire' evenings I found a nice wintertime jigsaw puzzle. So now I can turn off the telly (unless it is Strictly) and get stuck into some brain training entertainment!
Hope you are all keeping ok, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. Love the suitcase.. my dad uses shoe polish on his old case, it is still in regular use and he has had it since 1939

  2. LOL!! I bought Its twin 2 weeks ago at a jumble sale!! It has an old Geneva sticker on it too!!!
    Great find hun x
    Annie x

  3. Fab treasures - i love the jigsaw, perfect for cold nights in with a hot drink and a blanket! x


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