Friday, 2 October 2009

Things to do

Just been out to get some pictures of my most popular hot pot mat which I have just realised has not yet made it onto the website!

Here it is, a bright colourful collection of chooks that don't need cleaning out, wont leave your garden looking like the aftermath of a cat fight with feathers littered everywhere and most definately wont dig up the plants! Having said that, it wont lay any eggs either!

But it does smell rather lovely as it is filled with crushed cloves and cinnamon.

And here is my ongoing job of painting up the boards. As if taking over the spare room wasn't enough I have now engulfed the dining room table too.

All undercoated and first coated, ready for the final paint before being made into these

Or maybe one of these

Who knows? I never do until I sit down to make them!
Anyhoo, got to go and do this making now before I go delivering orders.
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah xx

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  1. Oh I love those especially the heart and the road to a freinds house........I would love those.


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