Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Do chickens play tennis?

Errr, no, not as far as I know!
They play swingball!

Feigning disinterest

Ok then, just one go

Its better with two playing

To me

To you, and duck for the rebound

Thats it, the whole team playing

Team Chickadee

I've been neglecting the blog again this week, just not enough hours in the day to do all I want. This is the Mill we were at on sunday, it is over at Barton-le-clay and the actual mill that is pictured here houses the antiques centre which looks like a treasure trove of goodies and I am planning a trip back there when I can go and have a look at leisure.

In the mill pond someone spotted a collection of these little critters, you can just see him or her to the right of the fallen leaves in the water, it was thought they were crayfish but I am no expert on pond life!

Our garden is looking fantastic at present, totally not due to any effort on my part! This is the Virginia Creeper which comes from next door!

The colours are just beautiful and they change throughout the day with the sunshine, or lack of it!

Off to bake and sew today and to swat up on my general knowledge ready for the annual village quiz on Saturday.

Take care all

Sarah x


  1. Lovely seeing the chickens playing, mine have a patio umbrella in their pen!!

    The rain was that bad yesterday I felt sorry for them stuck under the henhouse, so I lent them the brolly, seemed to work.

    Sue xx

  2. Ok Sarah - is that really a ball or an apple?
    The days must be getting shorter and the temps must be getter cooler if the VC is starting to colour up like that
    Take care


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