Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Weary posting

I am determined to blog every day this week! Unfortunately I don't feel as if I have anything to tell you all out there which may be even vaguely of any interest to you. This does rather imply that I usually do think that what I have to say will interest you! Hmmm, who knows about that? Well you do I guess!

So here I am at nearly 8 o'clock and I am hungry and not got any plans for dinner, a bit chilly and I've not got downstairs to set a fire yet and rather tired and weary. Now I really don't have any reason to be weary! I have had a lovely day catching up with friends today and have not expelled even a modicome of effort on anything!

My workroom is in a right royal pickle yet again. Always the way when I have been busy with one task and then I've stopped to do something else and more and more stuff just keeps on coming out of the cupboards! Unfortunately I am someone who has to have a completely clear room before I can start work again!

So my plan is to go and get some dinner on the go, light the fire and then maybe, just maybe, tidy up my workroom ready for the morning so I can just get on with things!

I do hope you have all had a lovely day, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. Well I hope after something to eat and a warm by the fire you were motivated to clear that workroom. If you are anything like me once I get sat in front of the fire I struggle to get up at all.

    We spent last night cuddled up on the sofa, with a roaring wood fire and a couple of glasses of wine, watching NCIS, not very productive but lovely and much needed relaxation.

    Sue xx


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