Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pin up boy

This post is for Sophie.

An overload of the Gorgeous George!

Curious George

With the very butch pink frisby which sadly is no more - Lilly ate it! 

Control station - middle stair on the turn by the window so he can see out down the lane and midway between whoever is upstairs and whoever is downstairs, within sight of the front door too!

On the beach with the new frisby, not going to let Lilly play with this one!

Checking out rockpools

Clearly the model for this picture

There is a very good reason why George has pink balls and frisbys - they are easily found out on the beach and in the fields!  Tried a yellow ball and then they grew oil seed rape - fields of yellow, it didn't help!

Must go, been called in for dinner!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Swoon, swoon, swoon......I'm in heaven, George you are my hero!

    Mum has printed this off for me, I'm off to put my new posters above my bed.

    Although I am slightly unsure of all your pink accessories, I prefer a good old rugged stick myself or pebbles when I'm on the beach!

    Sophie (the Border Collie) xx

  2. You may want to pay me a visit!!


    Sue xx

  3. Loved this - I made a book of our late german shepherd Wilma Blurb was the website - highly recommended for Christmas presents.

    We had a border many years ago - Tess bless.

  4. aww cute...good idea with the balls and frisbee...i use bright colours for the same reason with my boys!!!

    great mug!!

  5. ahh! Thanks for that too. George is the poster boy on our calendar too for October. We love him to bits XX


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