Monday, 13 September 2010

One man went to mow

Morning all, well not quite but I've not had lunch yet so therefore - still morning!
How were your weekends?
I'm being nosey, what did you do?
I took no pictures at all this weekend, not one!
So this is all I have to show you - my button magnets!
I have been busy making some Autumnal pot holders, treasure boxes and memo boards but not yet got the photos taken.  I'll have to wait until Hubby has finished mowing the lawn.
Just ran out the workshop and snapped the washing dodging in progress!
Not easy to do especially when you have to entertain the dog at the same time too!
Right, I am back to it, plenty more to do and soon it will be the afternoon.
Note to oneself - take pictures!
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah xx


  1. Love the washing obstacles course you set out for him, and to get George out there to keep an eye on him....brilliant idea.

    Look forward to the pictures.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    Sue xx

  2. I've just come in from rescuing my washing being blown to Timbuktu! Love the pictures of hubby manoeuvering around yours. Thanks for your lovely comments on my first blog.

  3. I need to get a hubby so I don't have to mow my own lawn. I jumped out a plane Sunday! I will definately be blogging about that crazy experience once I receive the DVD and pictures!!!!


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