Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back to it

I think I am just about recovered from an absolutely mammoth weekend!  Trying to split Land Cuckoo between two shows in different counties was rather more hard work than I had bargained for!

Our first port of call was the lovely Wrest Park, these photos show it after the torrential rain that we had last week.  So much for my comments to a friend earlier in the week which went along the lines of  'you never see waterlogged gardens in stately homes do you?'
Mind you, there was very little in the way of water logged areas where the craft event was taking place.
As I was busy on the stand all weekend (apart from my trip out on Sunday to the other event) I didn't get any other pictures but we did have blue sky and sunshine!  This is the croquet lawn above, I would have liked a go myself having only ever played it as a child in my back garden.
Whilst Hubby kindly took over the stand on the Sunday I went over to Gransden to the air show.
Ok so taking photos into the sun is not recommended!  Also you can't really see them but they did look a lot closer in real life - these two little planes were flinging themselves around in the sky and we managed to step out of our craft hanger for a while and have a watch.
This funny little contraption in the sky is a gyrocopter and it just looked like someone had attached a couple of rotary blades and a lawnmower engine to a dining room chair and taken off!  It could do the most nimble of moves once it was up in the air though.

Along with gliders and spitfires, flypasts from big loud jet planes that I don't know the names of it was a great day out, oh yes, I was working wasn't I, still it is good to be entertained whilst you are working isn't it!

I am off to the kitchen to bake cakes now for the village show and sale this Saturday, unfortunately I cannot be there as I'll be off on the market again but will leave those fingers crossed for this lovely sunshine to continue all weekend!

Take care all
Sarah x

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