Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Stalls through the ages

Before I disappeared off to Milton Keynes for the latest craft fair I thought that I would have the time to post quickly in the evenings when I returned home.  Well, I forgot that it is quite a drive to MK from my house and after a 12 hour day at the fair with travelling added either side of the day, I wasn't up for much once I returned home!  So here are the requested pics of my stalls, a little later than planned!

This is one of my very first craft fairs with only a couple of baskets of stock and my clever bath tap box that Hubby made to hang my aromatic bath bags from by way of demonstration.  As it turns out, I could have sold the tap itself many times over!
Then I started out on the Biggleswade Farmers Markets.  This is from the days when we were at the top end of the market square (or rather oblong) which I think worked better as the stall could be seen from the road as you were driving through the town.  A bit of a windy day - arent there just so many of these when you work outside!!
Now we have Bedford craft market on a sunny Saturday morning.  Right outside Marks and Spencers so we wern't allowed to put the back of the gazebos on so that people could still see through the stand to the shop windows, which is why it looks like I have a manequin on my stall!
At this time I discovered the use of wine boxes for shelves and getting height onto my stand.
This was taken at a nice event I did in a marquee with accompanying music and beautiful surroundings of a stately home.  As I write I cannot remember the name of the place though!  I sometimes use two tables together to give a deep space if I don't have the width to spread out either side.
This is my regular market now down in Welwyn Garden City in our easily spotted green and white gazeboes.  I like this as I know the space I have to play with and each time I set up differently mostly depening upon the impending weather and more often than not I set up for wet weather!
Then at Christmas I get to spread out lots at Wimpole Hall and out come the fairy lights and tinsel!  This is a great show as I still have oodles of space behind the stand too, can even fit two of us behind so I can have company for the weekend!
And now right up to date this was taken this last week at Milton Keynes.  I have streamlined the colours a bit more for this time as I was getting concerned that things looked a little too muddly with summery colours and winter ones all together.  I was pleased with how it looked and didn't change it over the 4 days which is most unusual for me!
This was my favourite little area of the stand with my new lavender hearts tucked in a lovely trug.  See the tap has made a re-appearance too - could have sold that this weekend!
I think one show I shall just sell all my fixtures and fittings, maybe I need to think about stocking mainly fixtures and fittings and use my stock as little 'extras'!

That is only just a few pics of my stand through the past few years, I rarely do the same thing twice but I do like to take pictures so I can check different set ups in different spaces for future planning.
Right now I am off to catch up on what you have all been up to!
Take care
Sarah xx


  1. I love the way you have developed the stall over the various fairs. I take photos of my stalls whenever I remember to take the camera so I can see what works and what doesn't.

    I too, love playing with the layout of my stall as well as the stock.

    They all look very nice, but the Milton Keynes set up is just perfect, I love your lovely muted colours. Just right for this time of year.

    Sue xx

  2. I love how your stand has evolved. The presentation is beautiful!


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