Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Visitors from near and far

Just recently we looked after our neighbours bird whilst they were away.  I've never really seen the appeal of having a bird as a pet but was more than happy to help out with looking after one for a couple of weeks.

Well, what can I tell you - it was a pleasure looking after little Molly!

She is quite a character, can you tell!

If she was on this perch all you had to say was Molly Tickles? and she would come scurrying over to the side and tilt her head so you could scratch it.
On no account should you put your fingers inside if she hasn't said you can though!  Fortunately we were told about this first and managed to keep all fingers intact throughout her visit!
So is this my best side?

No maybe this is.

Molly came to us fully equiped with the Laurel and Hardy and the Adams Family theme tunes not to mention the smoke alarm impersonation which she was rather too good at!
I had no problems being woken up to either of the first two, infact it did make me smile lots!  Then each time you walked into the room where her cage was, she would kindly give you a wolf whistle!

When she first went back down the lane to her home, I really quite missed having her about, she had a running commentry from me everytime I was cooking!  We did need to keep her just for another week in order to be able to have sent her home with the A Team theme tune properly rehearsed!

Last week I had a lovely visit from an Australian friend who is travelling over here at present.  Many years ago when I was travelling I stayed with her on the farm where she lived and worked and I helped to look after her children.  If it wasn't for the fact that those children are now grown ups we could kid ourselves that no time at all has passed, it was just like picking up where we left of last time we caught up!

Now it is back to work, lots to do for the next couple of weeks, will try to keep on top of blogging things here too!
Take care all
Sarah xx

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  1. I grew up with an Amazon Parrot similar to Molly - they are so smart and fun and surprisingly cuddly! :)


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