Wednesday, 15 September 2010

All things green

This little piece of green plastic was the reason behind nearly 36 hours of frustration, hair pulling, sitting on the floor in disbelief, a little (ok rather a lot of) blue language and a large glass of wine.

For it is a very clever little gadget that I use to neatly finish off my memo boards and having used it once yesterday, I then put it down. 
Big mistake!
I should know by now that if there is something I would like to use again then I need to keep a hold of it because there are little piskies that live in our house and they love nothing more than to move things around.
So, having put it down, somewhere, it disappeared.
I turned the workshop upside down looking for it, even got Hubby to come and look too and nothing turned up.
I was last seen last night walking down the garden with a glass of wine, hugging a large bag of wadding.  That is what it had driven me to!

So imagine how pleased I was later this morning when I found the little piece of green plastic - in it's proper place in the little bag with the little blue and little yellow pieces of plastic which make up the set!

Don't know how it got there because clearly it wasn't there when I checked half a dozen times yesterday!

I don't know about piskies but I do appear to have the makings of a couple of Leprechauns here.

The gorgeous George after mowing the lawn
And then I noticed that the pair of them had green paws/hands!
Aaahhh, bath time for two me thinks!

Now just to catch up, I thought I'd posted this yesterday but turns out I didn't so it is now Wednesday and that all happened yesterday!  As for today, I am getting ready to go and set up at Milton Keynes for a 4 day craft fair in the shopping centre there.
As the next few days are going to be rather hectic, I may not get to post a lot so taking a leaf out of Sue's book (or should I say a screen shot of Sue's blog) over at Our New Life In the Country, I am going to ask if there is anything you would like to see pictures of - be that dog, cat, chickens etc and I'll raid the archives and see what I can reminisce about!
And so back to work, signs to make and table plans to change!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Love the green paws! I hope the boys were able to remove those grass stains!!!

  2. Oooh.....well since you pinched my photo idea, you can show me some pictures of your stalls in the past ( and at least one picture of Gorgeous George...he's Sophies pin-up boy you know!).

    Have a good 4 day fair, I've never done one for that long before (you must have LOTS of stock).

    Sue xx

    Sue xx

  3. And by the way we have Piskies in this house too, things that you have had in your hand just moments before vanish and turn up in the most ridiculus places (and sometimes just where they should be!).

    It was funny at first, then we thought we had gone mad and now it's just annoying.

    We don't just call them Piskies though we call them B****y Piskies!

    Sue xx

  4. The pesky piskies in our house all have four legs and fur!

  5. umm I have a husband & two teens that mis-lay things ALL THE TIME so much so that I've caught the bug & keep loosing my lovely craft scissors !

    I love the green paws - Dillon would love to have green paws but has stiches in one at the mo & it's driving us all up the wall !!!

  6. Good luck at MK, I may swing by to say hello on Saturday all being well.

    Ruth x


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