Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My trousers are too short

and that means I have cold ankles

Could go and change them but then my legs would be cold because these are my thick trousers.

Could put the heater on but am planning to hold out until November, no reason why, just set the target in my head and now I have to try to stick to it!

Could wrap up in a blanket or an unfinished quilt but I'd roll over it on my wheely chair.

Could type faster and hope the heat transfers to my opposite limbs.

Could get longer socks on, but I like my pink Union Jack ones.

Will go and get a cup of tea and keep working then I'll forget all about it!

Take care all, til tomorrow (I have no excuse not to be here tomorrow as I am back from mini hols, not temping for the rest of this week and shall be holed up in the workshop preparing for Handmade at Home next week and this weekend markets)
Sarah x

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