Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Winemakers required!


I'm just listening to the radio and apparently this year is going to be the best for English wines.

And and and, there is a shortage of skilled winemakers (really not sure if that is the correct terminology) and so there is a need for new people to train. I'm thinking that sounds like a really great career change! Not entirely sure if I would be any good at it as you would probably have to drink less so you can taste more!

As far as English wines are concerned I can highly recommend Yearlstone Vineyard in Devon, been there for the past 2 years and am a big fan of their wines.

But back to this lovely weather we are blessed with right now. We went over to a local nature reserve for a walk at the weekend.

The handsome boy waiting for the ball!

You may just be able to see the glider being towed up up and away, we watched it come back down again, so graceful.
Looking in the opposite direction there were hundreds of webs glistening in the grasses.
Gorgeous autumn colours in the leaves and just look at the lovely Bedfordshire mud! Although strictly speaking I think we were just in Cambridgeshire or possibly even Huntingdonshire - there are a lot of county borders round here!

The seat with a view.
Going to go and investigate the wine making now!
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah, love the pictures of your weekend - isn't it beautiful this time of year!

    The winemaking sounds really interesting!

    Have a good week :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Oooh...I think I could be a winemaker......well I'd like the sampling part anyway.

    Seriously I think this country is producing better wines all the time, one of the few benefits of climate change!!

    Sue xx


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