Friday, 4 September 2009

Bed time

Still here!

Still working!

Still not got enough stock!

Well I may have, but you just don't know do you? How much to make and of what? I have long since stopped trying to guess what people will want to take home with them!

How about a Vintage Cat Bed?

Vintage in the wine sense not age!

Got Missy to model them for me

Well first she had to make the bed!

Thats better.

Modelling is so tiring!

Off to make more of these now

Take care all, I'll be in Welwyn Garden City tomorrow on the market, please keep all things crossed that the wind dies down or me and my stock could be blown into Welwyn, Hatfield, St Albans, Hertford and possibly even Potters Bar!
Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I hope you get all your stock made in time :-)

    Your cat certainly likes the bed! I love how cats make themselves at home.

    I hope the wind dies down for you. It has been very windy in not so sunny Essex today - nearly blown my tomato plants right over!

    Have a great weekend :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. If anything blows my way, I'll post it Have a brilliant day.

    Sue xx

  3. Great pet bed - if i had a cat/dog, i'd get one. Love it!!


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