Monday, 28 September 2009

Gransden Agricultural Show

This weekend I was at the Gransden Agricultural show. I remembered to take the camera, just forgot to put the battery in it! Fortunately Hubby came and visited as it was only down the road from us and he took some pictures on his phone instead!

There were birds of prey from a rescue centre

Old tractors

New and rather large tractors!

Inquisitive cows

Different coloured sheep

Poodle sheep!

Fabulous floral arrangements

Ooooooge pumpkins!

And a worn out doggins.

I am feeling all festive today so I'm embarking on a Christmas Card making day.
Take care all, Sarah x

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  1. Try and make the festive feeling rub off on me, I've bought all my supplies but just can't get up the enthusiasm!!

    Lovely pics.

    Sue xx


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