Tuesday, 15 September 2009

To Misters Swayze and Floyd

Bit of a shocker when I hopped online today and discovered that not only has Patrick Swayze died but Keith Floyd too.

I am not ready for people I have heard of and can remember clearly in films or TV to leave us yet. Due to my poor memory I am usually quite oblivious to most of the celebrity news and have no recollection of films I have watched until I am watching them again, and then they have only a slight familiarity. Not so with Mr Swayze and Dirty Dancing, now that is a film that I have watched many times and can even recite some of the lines. And I can clearly remember sitting at home with Mum and Dad watching Keith Floyd whip up a feast with a glass of good wine in his hand at every opportunity!

So I think I may nip off to the kitchen now and in tribute to Mr Floyd I shall cook my tea with a glass of red in my hand, and as Hubby is not here this evening he is excused from doing 'the lift' ala Dirty Dancing!

Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. I know it's been one of those days hasn't it! I knew Patrick Swayze was ill but it was still a shock

  2. Hi Sarah,

    It is very sad to hear about them today :-(
    I feel a bit like you, it makes me feel old when people "I know" die...
    I hope you enjoyed your dinner, and wine!

    Rose XXX

  3. Yes, I agree, what a shock! RIP the two maestros of dance and food.

    Sue xx

  4. Hello Sarah
    The wine in hand whilst cooking sounds like agood idea 'cept for the fact I might sit down and forget to carry on with the cooking lol
    Thanks for dropping in to my place and for your Welcome Home thoughts. Its good to be back in my own bed but I am missing the warmer weather and the lazy Qld way of life
    Take care


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