Monday, 21 September 2009

Righto, so now its Autumn.

Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox where the days are as long as the nights for a short while before they start drawing in for the winter. I don't know about you but I am not yet ready for it to be dark in the early evening and in the mornings so thought I'd have a little look through the flowers I've managed to snap during the year.

Bright happy sunflowers from Scald End Farm

These still count! Detail from one of the quilts at the NEC.

Cream teas, mmmmmm.................

These blossoms have all turned to berries now

And the fields that were bathed in yellow are now dirt brown and ready for the next crop, have to wait and see what appears.

Flowers on my table cloth as I dipped my toes in the biscuit producing line of work! Still baking but concentrating on the crafts with the biccies as an extra now.

Seems like an age since these were out in bloom - good tip I read about the other day - photograph your garden when bulbs are in bloom so you know where you planted them once they have died down, therefore you don't need to label them all!

The Buttercup field where the dog ends up sporting yellow legs and we have yellow shoes!

Work in progress - still in progress, although not much progress!

Flowers from lovely Hubby!
Well that's me brightened up, hope it has sent some cheer into your days too.
Take care
Sarah x


  1. hello!
    i just came across your blog when i was looking up fellow etsians from the land of biggleswade!
    so i thought i would say hi!
    lovely biscuits btw and blog =)



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