Monday, 14 September 2009

Wow, it has been ages since I lasted posted anything. So where have I been and what have I been doing? Well I didn't get blown away at Welwyn Garden City market fortunately! The wind died down nicely for us on Saturday (not the one just gone but the one before).

Last week I was at Milton Keynes shopping centre with Land Cuckoo to see how a different setting would work for me.

Look - it's indoors! With my new sign up too.

And even better - you may just notice the shop name at the top right, sorry left of the picture (had to look at my hands there to check which was which!) it is none other than John Lewis! Fab - great shopping for me too!

Didn't get to taking any other pictures at the event as I was so busy with my own things but did see these as I was setting up on the Wednesday evening and thought they were absolultely fabulous, great fun pieces of furniture.

They are made by My Junk 4U. I quite fancy having my dining room chairs all different colours and patchworked seats but not sure if Hubby would be up for that!

Ate quite a few of these from Sweet Delight at 3pm when the sugar hit was required!!

It was a good show and I'm quite looking forward to doing something like that again especially as you set up the day before and then you get to stay, as does your stock, for 4 whole days in the same place! No worrying about the weather, infact it would probably be better if it did rain to drive the customers inside, and no packing and loading up until the end of the 4 days!
Now I am just in the process of unpacking it all here at home and finding out how much I have left and of what so I know where to start with the sewing tomorrow!
I have just found that one of my product pictures is being used on the website of a show that I am going to later in the year. I'm really quite pleased with that as there will be lots of exhibitors there, so really great that they used one of my pieces in the header. It is on the Romor Exhibitions website for the Wrest Park event in November (I'm sure I shall be telling you about that nearer the time). My lavender parcel is the last one on the right (didn't need to check with the hands that time!).
Got to put more stuff away now, take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah xx

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