Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New home

These are a few of the new personalised products I've been working on here in Land Cuckoo.

This is something I have been meaning to do for ages but as happens so often, there is always something else that needs doing first and so new plans and ideas get put to one side.  However, the best thing happened when a customer asked for a specific name on a treasure box so it focused the plan for me and now I have products made up.

These were so much fun to make with different fabrics to my normal collection and the boxes look so different with the whitewashed paint and varnish.

Now I am making up personalised name blocks too.

Must make some up for myself, I like doing these!

Sorry if you thought this was going to be a chick free posting!  They are getting much much bigger now and are in full flight which makes taking photos a lot harder!

It's not often they sit still to pose and when they do they seem to have a cheeky look of one that has just done something they shouldn't have!

I have moved them into a new cage, an old parrot cage with extra netting around the outside as the bars are big enough for these little ones to fit through!  It does give them room to fly and stretch their wings as well as learning how to hang onto things upside down as Blue Tits are often seen doing!

The last part of the growing up process for these guys will be to be able to feed themselves.  Presently I am still having to feed them, although one or two of them are learning that they can help themselves and I am doing my best to encourage this.  Once they are competent at getting their own food then my plan is to move them into an enclosure within the chicken's enclosure to aclimitise to outdoors (I don't have an aviary so this is my equivilent) and then I'll take some of the netting down so they can get out but also back in again incase they need to!!
Righto, back to the sewing machine, not been out in the workshop so much lately with all the feeding going on!  Plenty of sewing to be catchin up on now......
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Brilliant, you're doing so well with these birds.

    They have lovely cheeky little faces.

    Sue xx

  2. How are the birds doing Sarah - will it be long before theyare released into the wild?
    Take care


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