Tuesday, 21 June 2011

All boxed up

Very exciting news today.  My treasure boxes have been selected to be in the We Make London Summer Boutique Pop Up Shop next month in Hampstead.
The shop is going to be held in Oak Studios which is a well established shop and gallery which regularly hosts workshops.
Throughout the week we are there, there will be more workshops available and late night shopping.  It is promising to be a great week for shopping in Hampstead!  And I am so thrilled that my humble treasure boxes will be there too.

This is a treasure box I was commissioned to make a few weeks ago.  It has the blue dotty fabric lid and has been whitewashed and varnished.

And then inside I have made a lift out tray to maximise the amount of 'stuff' that can be kept in there!

This was made specifically to be a sewing box to hold a lot of cotton reels

I am very very pleased with how it has turned out, quite proud of myself to be honest!  Nothing like singing your own praises is there!
Well I must go and make lots more boxes now and maybe try out a few new ideas I have.
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. Sarah.. Make sure you do a flier with photos of all your other lovely 'makes' to display with the boxes, If you need help just bring photos on a cd or memory stick tomorrow. Or even just business cards.

    Ruth x

  2. The box is beautiful! It can be used for so many things!!! ~Val


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