Friday, 17 June 2011

House move

We now have a little bird house
Inside a big bird house!
I converted the back of the hen enclosure so that it was safe for the blue tit chicks to go in.  It is kitted out with a little bird house (not that I think they'll use it but it may show them where they can nest when they're older!) a few branches and a couple of plants, seed and nut feeders and their bowls of worms and water.

One of the chicks found his way onto the pot plant

Shortly joined by it's mate. 
Sadly there are only two chicks that have gone into the aviary, Fidgit and one other are still indoors as they are not flying at present.  I don't know why, not sure if they have injured themselves or if it is more permanent, we'll have to see what happens over the next few days.

Hopefully the two that are in the aviary will take to it well and I'll take down the netting at the side so they can get out and about properly but I shall leave it so they can still get in!

Well I am off to market once again tomorrow, Welwyn Garden Craft market and I have a few orders just to package up ready for collection.  Then I might get onto making some new stock!  Never thought how much of my time these birds were going to take up!
Have a lovely weekend everyone
Sarah x


  1. The aviary looks great! I hope those 2 chicks are ok so they can enjoy their home. ~Val

  2. Ooo what beautiful birds!!!

    I love the photo's of your puttytat :)

    My cat, Scooter, still enjoys his catnip snack, which I bought from your shop. He uses it as a pillow!! I have just mentioned it again on my blog so I put another link to you again!

    Good luck with all the sorting!!

  3. You've done amazingly well with these birds, well done. Lots of hard work, patience and ingenuity, I'm seriously impressed.

    Just a thought, is it possible to put the cage the other two are in into the new enclosure, seeing their brothers flitting about might encourage them to stetch their wings a bit!

    Have a brilliant market. And a well deserved few bird-free hours.

    Sue xx


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