Monday, 20 June 2011

That was the weekend

I had a good old busy weekend this week, just putting things back to where they should be, tidying up and getting ready for the next week now.
Last Friday I went over to an exhibition being held at St Neots Museum in Cambridgshire.  It is an exhibition of Textile and Mixed media Art by my friend Sharon.  More of her work can be seen on her website

Sharon's work is so full of colour and I am really pleased for her that the private viewing evening went so very well and wish her all the best for the rest of the month, the exhibition is on until Saturday 16th July.

Linda who I went along with arrived in style - she travelled by boat!  Ok so it was tipping it down and my little car nearly floated there instead of driving but she was on a proper boat.  How lovely to be able to moor up and be right in the town centre with the swans swimming right past your window, sorry porthole!

Also exhibiting was Elizabeth Bruning with her stained glass work.

Saturday morning dawned, not so nice and bright and I was off to Welwyn for the Craft and Farmers market.  Yes that big grey cloud above us did soak us too!

Here is Land Cuckoo all set up for the wet weather, ie, huddled in the middle/back of the gazebo with everything clamped down - just look at the table cloth blowing in the wind!  Welwyn is a windy market anyway but on days like this we all stand on the weights and hug the gazebo legs just to help keep them on the ground!

We still had a full compliment of stalls even with the inclement weather.  Karin from Kus Design was there with her pretty flower arrangements in antique china.  One of those printers trays has found it's way home with me, oops!!

And Roz and Rachel were there with their lovely furniture, this bench was so comfy - I had to use my chair to keep things off the ground after the rains so had no space for me to park myself, so I demonstrated the furniture for them!  This table and benches is from a range that they make themselves.

This picture is one I just took this morning on my way down to the workshop of one of the blue tit chicks basking in the sunshine in its aviary.  The two that have been outside for the weekend have been doing very very well and are eating enough mealworms for a small army!  Sadly Fidgit died yesterday, Hubby was there at the end and held him so he was not on his own.  Fidgit was such a pluckly little bird and I am actually very very sad even though we never expected him to pull through the first 24 hours but clearly there was too much wrong with him and he was not developing like the others.  I did what I could and he had the best little life that he could have had.
So now I have a bird free house as this morning I put the last little one out in the aviary.  Three surviving chicks from five is not at all bad and they all seem to be happy in their new home.  So once again I am off to chop up some worms although I don't think I'll be needing to do this for much longer either as they are all getting so good at fetching their own, but got to make sure they keep their strength up!!
I hope you all had lovely weekends
Take care, til tomorrow
Sarah xx


  1. Hi Sarah! Just catching up in blogland!
    I do love the birds so I'm so sad to hear about Fidgit.
    Hope your friend has lots of success with her exhibition and that you too had some success at your's not the best of weather at the moment,is it?!
    ;-) x

  2. Oh Sarah.. So sorry to hear about lil Figit. I know you tried your very best but sometimes it's just not meant to be.

    The market did look blowy there, I'm surprised you didn't do a Mary Poppins with that gazeebo!

  3. I've been readng all about your bluetits & think it's incredible the way you have looked after & nurtured them.

  4. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! Wonderful photos of the tits. Such a shame Fidgit didn't make it. I shall return!

  5. So sorry you lost Fidget,but because of you he had a happy little life, short but loved, more than many creatures get.

    Well done on your three survivors.

    I have known many blowy gazebo days....never again!!

    Sue xx

  6. Oh I'm so sad about Fidgit :(

    such a lovely photo of the little one sunbathing. I've been watching the youf blackbirds in my garden sunbathing, they really look totally zonked!

    Gorgeous stuff at the exhibition!

  7. I only know too well how difficult it is to hang onto your gazebo and all your stock on a windy market stall. I gave up doing outdoor events and just did the craft fairs in nice warm indoor venues.

    Sharons textile art is lovely.


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