Monday, 13 June 2011

A hec of a weekend

The past few days have been rather testing.  Every time I have tried to do something, it has taken more than one attempt to get the job done, sometimes not achieving anything at all.  Swimming in treacle is how someone put it and they are quite right.
Sadly one of the Blue Tit chicks died at the weekend, no idea why or how but it was fine first thing in the morning when I went off to market, but by the time Hubby came to feed them next, it was already dead.  Not sure what happened on Saturday at all but the other 4 chicks managed to have a mad half hour the result of which is now that one has a poorly leg which means it has to modify the way it moves about and dear Fidgit has lost the ability to fly and is confined to the floor of the cage.
So all in all this weekend was pretty pants, market ok but yesterday's event was very cold and wet and not profitable although still enjoyable because of the lovely people there. 
Took these pictures at the end of last week when we had the first rain for months.  It greened everything up so quickly.  The cows are back in the cow field and this time they all have calves with them, so definately not venturing in there with the dog!
Well I am off to see if I can build this aviary for the remaining 3 flying chicks, Fidgit will have to stay in the kitchen until he has regained the use of his wings and can get out of the way of danger.
Take care all
Sarah x

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  1. Awww. That is sad that one of the chicks died. They are so adorable! The cows must be loving the refreshing rain! ~Val


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