Wednesday, 8 June 2011

No comment

I was going to post a non-chick post yesterday but have been having problems with my computer so wasn't able to do anything!!
Also on the subject of computer problems, I have been unable to leave comments on some blogs.  Think I may be having the same issues as Gill (That British Woman) was having a while ago.  Gill - by the way, I have changed things so hope that has helped!  Sue (Our New Life in the Country) yours is another blog that I have been chatting away in the comments box to no avail, just going back and forth to the sign in page!  I hope that what I have done this end on my computer may have fixed the problems but if not I just wanted tolet you know I am still reading and seeing what is going on, you'll just have to imagine what I am saying! 

The chicks are doing well.  This is one of them taking a dip in the bath.  They have all figured that one out, have had to position the cage so they don't soak everything in sight.

Four out of the five chicks are happy to help themselves to the mealworms now.  I have managed to move them onto the new bowls, this took a few days for them to get used to the new colour, shape and size of bowl, but it had to be done as this is what I plan on using to feed them when they are outside in the yet to be built aviary (plus the mealworms can't climb out of this one!!).

Fidgit (on the right) has not yet got him/herself down the the ground floor to feed, still prefering to have the food delivered!  All the birds are still taking food from me, which is what they would be doing in the 'wild'.  My plan is to get them into the aviary and once they get to the point where they are not coming to me for any food then that is the cue for them to be going. 
Well I was going to add a couple of non-chick photos, but don't seem to be able to get back to upload any more, so I promise you a bird free post tomorrow!!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. These chick are so adorable! It must be really rewarding to care for them!

    I was having problems with Blogger too but took advice from the help section. This has been a world wide problem. One of the suggestions that worked for me was to uncheck "stay signed in" when you log in and then I was able to leave comments. ~Val

  2. I had similar problems last week and had to faff about with my computer for ages, finally I was able to post comments again, it would'nt let me publish my own Blog though until I changed to the 'new style editor', since I've changed all my problems have gone....touch wood (knocks on head and hears a hollow sound...).

    I am totally impressed at your skill and patience with these birds. Gorgeous pictures of them.

    Sue xx

  3. They are just adorable, little figit could just stay and live with you no?


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