Thursday, 26 May 2011

Birds on a perch

More chick pics today once again!  To be honest, apart from making stock in short burst there really isn't a lot else to tell you anyway!  Apart from the fact that it has just rained!  First time that I have seen it do so for 10 weeks!
Yesterday the chicks all started to be more active and one in particular was rather keen on climbing up the side of the towels so I put together a few perches for them.  When I came down this morning all 5 of the chicks had hopped up and were still snoozing on the new perch.  Very proud of them especially as I didn't have to demonstrate! 
Fidgit was quite settled into the perch too.

So much so that after brekkie he just decided to stay there and sleep!

Now this is what happens when your mates show you how to get up but then don't stick around and show you how to get down again!

Ah well, nothing to be done but have a nap in this position!

To be honest, now that they are all filling out and moving about so much I don't really know which chick is which, apart from Fidgit who still looks different to the others.

Well I've probably chicked out this blog now!
Back to work I go, well after the next mealworm break anyway!
Take care all
Sarah x

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  1. They are gorgeous. You're obviously a very good 'chick mummy'.

    Sue xx


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