Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Growing up fast

I think I may be one of those who feels the need to show everyone photos at every opportunity!  However, it is not every day that you get to watch blue tit chicks growing up so closely so I shall continue!
Needless to say, most other things in Land Cuckoo are being done in 1 hour segments between feeding the brood!

I am very happy to report that Fidgit (here in the centre of picture) who was the smallest chick and most likely not to survive, is continuing to grow along with the others, so much so that I now have to do a double take to pick him/her out from the others which is great news as I doubt he would have survived if left in the 'wild'.

It is a shame that these little ones are not able to be raised by their Mum and Dad and I do miss seeing the parents busying themselves in and out of the nest box during the day but on the other hand, you wouldn't get to see 5 full tummied chicks crash out after dinner time!  Couldn't get a shot of all of them but they were stretched out and face down with their heads loloping to one side, dropping off cartoon style!

I did take a little video again today to compare to a few days ago but have not yet got it to upload!  Will work on that in the next feeding break!

Hope you are all keeping well, take care
Sarah x


  1. Having reared motherless kittens I know just what you are going through - apart from wonderinghow to teach them to fly. Burmese kittens seem have that part sorted lol
    Take care


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