Friday, 20 May 2011

Foster Mum

This little bird came to stay today.
Along with its 4 brothers and sisters.
They are the 5 chicks from the Blue Tit brood that have been nesting in the big tree nest box.  Sadly one of the parents was found dead this morning and after watching the bird box for hours all I could see were the beaks of the chicks desparate for food to arrive.  Sometimes the remaining parent will abandon the brood as it is so difficult for just one bird to find food for all the chicks especially since it has been so dry lately and food is in short supply, or it could also have been killed, either way it was not apparently coming back to the nest.
After speaking to wild animal rescue centres in particular the Bournemouth Bird Rescue who specialise in garden birds it was apparent that the best thing to do was to take the chicks and see if they would adapt to being hand reared.

This little one is now called Fidget because that is what he or she does a lot!  Having said that, it is also the smallest and will be the hardest to keep going, although so far he/she is feeding but just isn't quite up to speed with the rest of the brood. 

There seems to be a game where one of the chicks has to get to the top of towel mountain.  They are strong little creatures and now very full on meal worms!

Once at the top, the only thing to do is sleep!

So thats all the news for now, will keep you updated on the chicks progress.  At some point I shall have to be showing them how to fly and feed themselves - any hints and tips in that department will be great!  One day at a time for now though and I'll be off back indoors to see if anyone wants any more mealworms before bedtime.
Take care all
Sarah x
and the 5 Chicks xxxxx 


  1. Teaching them to feed themselves is easy, hold out a mealworm and then trail it along the ground so they have to lower their heads to get it. Eventually start scattering the mealworms instead of handfeeding them, only step in later if some have not eaten many.

    As for teaching them to fly.......line them up, tell them to watch you and flap your arms like mad before jumping off a chair :-), sorry I have no real tips for that one!!

    Good luck you have a real challenge on your hands.

    Sue xx

  2. They look weeny, well done! Haha at the tips on flying and feeding themselves x

  3. Goodness, you've certainly taken on a comprehensive job there! I commend you for fostering the litle ones and I do hope that they will survive. Out of interest are you giving live mealworms or the dried ones?
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  4. I do hope they make it, no advice on learning to fly!

    Sandie xx


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