Monday, 9 May 2011

Market day

Along with the rain came Saturday morning.  No rain for 7 weeks apparently, according to a gardening friend of mine, I knew it was a long time for us in the UK in April but that was a little longer than I thought.
We were very fortunate at market, having thought we were in for a thorough soaking, the rain came and went rather quickly and it wasn't long before we were gathering outside our gazeboes and basking in the sunshine!

Mama's cupcakes as usual were stunning!

I had to work very hard to resist the temptation, not only are there cupcakes, but fudge and brownies too, so triple the goodies and deliciousness!

This is one of the pretty bracelets made by Kathy from Busybeadz

Yet more temptation!

Pretty packaged tomato plants all ready to be popped in the ground

and pretty cups and saucers with pretty flowers, what a lovely gift.  Made by Karin who is always on the lookout for some delightful china to add to her collections

I need a much bigger house so I can have all these great pieces of furniture!  Every market Roz and Rachel of Roch Furniture bring more beautiful items.

And now they are making their own too.  This is an example of one of the outside tables, the one in the background is for indoors.
Well it may not have rained enough for the gardeners this weekend but this market was most definately saturated with great handmade products!  (Sorry bout that but felt the need for a weather related play on words!)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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