Thursday, 5 May 2011

Top Cat

Did I not blog yesterday?  Was sure that I had done so but clearly not!  I wonder what else I think I have done but havn't, guess I'll find out as the day progresses.

What I did do yesterday was take some pictures of stock for the website out in the garden.
In my own little world planning what was going where and I hear a little meow which became louder and louder.  For the life of me I couldn't see where it was coming from, then I looked up!
On the shed roof she was.  Missy our daintly little fluffy black cat has developed a route to the highest point which doesn't involve jumping more than a foot off the ground, it is all very carefully mapped out.
First you go around the back of the shed and use the strategically place wood store to clamber up to the fence, then you use next doors fence and shed to get to the next level and then you are just a mini jump away from the big shed roof! 
Once on the shed it is only a very small, although precise jump to the pergola

The perfect place to stretch out and relax in the sun!  Although you must remember not to roll over or you will just roll off!
As for how she gets back to ground level, I am not sure as this is not ever seen, she just materialises in the kitchen demanding milk!  I suspect it is the same route backwards.
Well now it is back to work for me, take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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